Niagara County
Department Staff

Economic Development Department Staff

Michael A. Casale, Commissioner
Phone: (716) 278-8750
Email: michael.casale@niagaracounty.com 

Cathie L. Synor, Confidential Assistant to the
Commissioner of Economic Development
Phone: (716) 278-8750
Email: cathie.synor@niagaracounty.com

Andrea L. Klyczek, Deputy Commissioner
Phone: (716) 278-8761
Email: andrea.klyczek@niagaracounty.com  

Amy E. Fisk, AICP, Senior Planner
Phone: (716) 278-8754
Email: amy.fisk@niagaracounty.com

Benjamin J. Bidell, AICP, GISP, Senior Planner
Phone: (716) 278-8756
Email: benjamin.bidell@niagaracounty.com

Jeffery P. Degnan, Graphic Artist
Phone: (716) 278-8755
Email: jeffery.degnan@niagaracounty.com

Jacquiline P. Minicucci, Account Clerical III
Phone: (716) 278-8753
Email: jacquiline.minicucci@niagaracounty.com


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