Niagara County
Industrial Development Agency Staff

Niagara County Industrial Development Agency Staff

Samuel M. Ferraro, Executive Director
Phone: (716) 278-8750
Email: sam.ferraro@niagaracounty.com

Barbara Gill, Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (716) 278-8763
Email: barb.gill@niagaracounty.com

Susan Langdon, Director of Projects and Finance
Phone: (716) 278-8764
Email: susan.langdon@niagaracounty.com

Michael Dudley, Finance Manager
Phone: (716) 278-8765
Email: mike.dudley@niagaracounty.com

Caroline Caruso, Accounting Associate
Phone: (716) 278-8766
Email: caroline.caruso@niagaracounty.com

Andrea Klyczek, Director of Regional and International Development
Phone: (716) 278-8761
Email: andrea.klyczek@niagaracounty.com

Bonnie Satarian, Business Services Associate
Phone: (716) 278-8768
Email: bonnie.satarian@niagaracounty.com

Roxanne Morgan, Property Associate
Phone: (716) 278-8759
Email: roxanne.morgan@niagaracounty.com


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