Programs and Incentives
Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones

Late in 2008, in light of the changing economy and recent economic conditions, the Niagara County Legislature, together with the NCIDA sought a method to broaden the scope of financial assistance available to assist small retail related companies and commercial businesses looking to expand or relocate in Niagara County.

The Niagara County Legislature passed a resolution asking the NCIDA to establish a comprehensive tax abatement program for retail and tourism related businesses locating in economically distressed areas of Niagara County. As a result of steps taken by the Legislature and the NCIDA Board of Directors, the Niagara County Center for Economic Development has now extended its current economic incentives to the retail and tourism sector companies interested in locating in economically distressed areas of the County. Through this new program, called “Opportunity Zones”, incentives will be offered for these types of businesses to reinvest in our downtowns and return these areas to the thriving communities they are meant to be.



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