• Low-cost, renewable energy and other business incentives.

    Niagara County offers some of the cheapest and greenest power in North America! Our low-cost power programs and other financial incentives show that we’re serious about business.
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  • Access to major transportation networks

    Niagara County is located at the crossroads of major national and international trade corridors. We offer unparalleled access to highway, rail, air, and sea shipping. We can move your product to market!
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  • Proximity to U.S. and Canadian populations

    Niagara County is within 500 miles of nearly 140 million U.S. and Canadian residents, and we have a one-of-a-kind relationship with our Canadian neighbors.
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  • Affordable, educated, and experienced workforce

    Niagara County has the workers you need! With more than a dozen colleges and universities plus numerous trade schools, there is no shortage of skilled workers, and our labor costs give businesses a competitive advantage.
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  • Opportunities in target industries

    Niagara County has incentives for companies engaged in advanced manufacturing, green technology, cargo and logistics, agribusiness, information technology, healthcare, electronic and medical device manufacturing, hospitality and tourism, and more!
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  • Low cost of doing business

    Niagara County has abundant and affordable real estate, an educated and affordable work force, low-cost power programs and competitive utility rates, easy access to capital, low tax rates, and other business advantages.
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  • Low cost of living,
    high quality of life

    Niagara County boasts affordable home prices, excellent schools, short commute times, abundant recreation opportunities, world-class arts and culture, spectacular outdoors, and believe it or not – beautiful weather!
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Success Story - Bridgestone APM

TypographyMontante Construction recently completed a 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility for Bridgestone APM Company, a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corp., which is the world’s largest manufacturer of tires and rubber products. The $7.6 million facility was constructed in the Town of Wheatfield, where Bridgestone APM Company is projected to create at least 89 new jobs within the next four years.

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Success Story - GreenPac Mill

TypographyAfter a lengthy search, Greenpac Mill, LLC chose Niagara Falls, New York to be the home of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This “green” facility will manufacture high performance, lightweight liner board using recycled materials. Niagara County was attractive to Greenpac because of its central location and ease of access to the Northeastern...

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Success Story - Taylor Devices

TypographyTaylor Devices is the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art shock and vibration control devices including shock absorbers, shock isolation systems, seismic isolators, vibration dampeners, liquid springs, and other hydro-mechanical devices. Their products are used to absorb, control, or mitigate transient or steady state motion...

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Success Story - YAHOO!

TypographyIn 2010, Yahoo Inc. opened a new data center in Lockport, New York. It was the company's first use of a new environmentally friendly design that relies in large part on western New York's cooler climate. It makes use of the prevailing winds from Lake Ontario and low-cost hydropower from the New York Power Authority...

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"You will be surprised by this place. I guarantee it. It’s affordable and lively. There’s just a ton of stuff to do. The quality of life is great."

The Niagara County Industrial Development Agency (NCIDA) uses a variety of financing mechanisms to attract and grow businesses.

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The Niagara County Department of Economic Development (NCDED) provides programs and services to assist economic and community development.

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The Niagara County Center for Economic Development is the umbrella organization for the NCIDA and NCDED.


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